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Welcome to Iron Chef SA Episode 15


I freely admit that cheese is just about my favorite thing in the world. From simple cheddar, to emmenthal to glorious feta, I've never met a cheese I didn't like.

This month's ICSA is going to be a cheese lover's dream, of course with such a broad theme...


Each course must FEATURE a different cheese PROMINENTLY. I don't mind if you have, for example, cheddar in multiple dishes, but it cannot be your feature cheese in more than one. These should be cheeses with diffrent tastes obviously.

I would also like humbly request that you post all your recipes on the GOONSWITHSPOONS.COM wiki, as it will save us time doing ALL of them later. If you need help, pm me, or ask in the Wiki upkeep thread.


  • 1) No minimum number of courses
  • 2) Entries must be posted in their own thread, Be sure to title with ICSA 15 in the subject (ICSA 15: insert Bad Cheese Pun here).
  • 3) Standard entry format that all of these have followed. Must document ingredients, preparation, finished product, and you must have the photographic accompaniment.
  • 4) Submission deadline is 23:59:59 on December 6th, 2006, this will be followed by the usual 7 day voting period.
  • 5) One Entry per person or team, as many courses as you see fit.
  • 6) Follow the Cheese rules listed above for your courses, violators may be DQ'd at my discretion.


  • First place: USD$25 gift certificate from Amazon or other reputable online realtor (that I can buy with paypal or a credit card)
  • Second place: USD$10 dollar gift certificate from SA or Amazon.

Post your entry links here!

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