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Other Things


To browse our recipes, use the links below or the bar on the left.

  • Recipes by Meal will allow you to choose breakfast, dinner etc.
  • Browse all our desserts, or just main courses using Recipes by Food Type
  • Have a favorite contributor? Recipes by Author will allow you to see all of their recipes on one page.
  • If you just got a great deal on one ingredient at costco, check Recipes by Ingredient to see what you can make with 42 cans of beets.
  • Craving Chinese? Hankering for Hungarian? Check Recipes by Cuisine to browse ethnic favorites.
  • Last but not least recipe wise, if you're interested in the ICSA competitions, past or present check out Iron Chef SA entries

Our non recipe guides fall into several categories.

  • Cooking Basics are guides that teach you culinary techniques. Some are very simple, others are step by step explanations of mysterious terms in cookbooks that you never quite understood.
  • Finally ready to spring for a good chef's knife? Thinking of buying a Stand Mixer? Check out goon opinions in Cookware Guides
  • Find out more about Wine and other things in the Other Guides section. One particularly great option is the Great and Glorious Guide to Cheese
  • Pimp your favorite local joints or check out the culinary lay of the land for your next holiday in the Food Guide by City category.

Lastly... our non sequitors

  • Check out our Sticker Gallery with action shots of those fantastic GWS stickers!
  • Be baffled by the GWS inside jokes at the Gws.txt page.
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