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The story of the Goons With Spoons Wiki began in early May 2006 as a dark time had come to the Goons With Spoons sub-forum regulars. Our old repository of recipes at GBSfood had not been updated in aeons and the user in charge hadn't been seen in many months. There was some discussion of what to do and generally the consensus was that we should start a new site, preferably one where updates were not dependent upon one person.

Eventually Toast, after looking into various options, decided to start up a mediawiki with a bit of help from the people at TV IV. This option was meant to give anyone willing to spend 5 minutes learning wiki code the ability to upload their own recipes for posterity and deliciousness.

On May 18, 2006 we went live and have been growing ever since.

As of July 2008 we have over 1000 individual recipes and articles on food related topics and get thousands of visits per month from all over the globe.