Scallion Pancakes

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Originally posted here by The Linux Fairy, who had this to say about this recipe:

This one's mostly photographic evidence as an idea of what to do. As was explained to me, Chinese food is mostly done to taste. There isn't really a defined set of amounts of ingredients -- just until it "looks good".

The process below are their original instructions, and can be a little vague. Good luck and happy cooking!


The following ingredients are gleaned from the original pictures and descriptions. As the original creator did not provide measurements, one must work it out for themselves.

  • Dough
    • Flour
    • Water
    • Milk
    • Eggs?
    • Butter?
  • Oil
  • Scallions


Mix up some standard dough. This is a good consistency. You might want a little more moisture than this, actually... To taste, I guess. Scalpan1.jpg

Flatten out some dough sticks like these. Scalpan2.jpg

kalenedrael holds a pancake on the right. A premade one is on the left. I'm in the middle of coating mine with oil and sprinkling scallions on it. After I do that, I roll it up in a nice ball, and flatten it into a pancake. It's more difficult than it sounds. Scalpan3.jpg

use of a rolling pin will achieve the desired result Scalpan8.jpg

Still in progress. Scalpan4.jpg

Fry it up real good. Scalpan5.jpg Scalpan6.jpg Scalpan7.jpg

Cut into quarters and serve. Scalpan9.jpg Scalpan10.jpg