San Luis Obispo, CA

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Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, Located half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the 101 Freeway. Home of the Cal Poly Mustangs and the Bike Happening

Contributors residing here:[edit]


  • Louisa's Place
    • Greasy Spoon
    • Really good breakfast if not the best in town.
  • Del Monte Cafe
    • Really good and decently priced breakfast
    • Slight 50's theme inside, classic menu.
    • Decent Prices
  • Frank's Hot Dog's
    • $5 Breakfast borrito
    • $3.50 Breakfast Sandwhich
    • Tasty breakfast on the cheap.
    • Located on Monterrey Street
  • The Breakfast Buzz
    • Really good breakfast burrito's
    • Buy one get one free breakfast burritos on certain days.

Burgers and Fries[edit]

  • Cool Cat Cafe
    • 50's Themed dinner
    • Huge Tasty burger's and great deserts.
  • Firestone (Sports Bar and Grill)
    • Best burgers in town
    • Overkill of huge LCD TV's on every wall displaying every sport / extreme sport.
    • Amazing ABC Burger's (Avocado, Bacon, Cheese)
    • Huge basket's of deliciously seasoned fries with ranch dipping.
    • Really good Tri-Tip Salad's
    • Located on Higuera Street

Deli Sandwiches[edit]

  • High Street Deli
    • Best Deli Sandwiches in town!
    • Try the California Turkey
    • All Sandwiches ordered after 4:20PM only cost $4.20!
    • $6.50 for a premium sandwhich you pick all fixings
    • Located on High Street
  • Crushed Grape
    • High quality and High prices
    • Specialty sandwiches and pasta's
  • Benjamin Franklin's
    • Tasty sandwiches on the cheap
    • Sandwiches are a little soggy but that is just the style of their sandwiches.
  • Gus's Deli
    • Located on Osos Street
    • Never been here


  • F.Mcclintock's Steakhouse
    • Located on Higuera Street


  • Tsurugi Japanese Restaurant‎
    • Authentic Japanese Cuisine
    • Best Sushi in town
    • This is the place to go for Sushi
  • Yanagi Sushi
    • More modern style sushi place
    • LCD TV's and Standard sushi prices.
    • $10 Specialty Rolls
    • The Albacore Tataki is my favorite here followed by the Hungry Roll
  • Sumo Sushi
    • The place to go if Tsurugi's is closed (Monday's I believe)
    • High Quality Sushi at standard prices.
    • Really nice sushi Chef's
  • Sushiya
    • Decent sushi at decent prices
    • Nothing special
  • Shin's Sushi
    • Super budget Sushi, pretty low quality stuff
    • Crazy alcohol specials (Trendy sushi place for college kids)


  • Mo's Smokehouse BBQ
    • Best BBQ in town
    • Delicious pulled pork
    • Really good sweet potato fries and potato chips.
    • Big variety of different BBQ dipping sauces.

Health Food[edit]

  • Natural Cafe
    • Healthy food decently priced.
    • Smaller portions and fresh ingredients.
    • Located on Higuera Street


  • Palazzo Giuseppe‎
    • Very


  • Mandarin Cuisine
    • Located on Los Osos Valley Road
    • Really well done Mushu Chicken
    • Their Wonton soup is the best I've ever had.
  • Chinese Buffet on Higuera
    • All you can eat mediocre Chinese food


  • Chilli Pepper's on Broad
    • Really good Vegetarian Burrito's on the cheap. $5 for a small
    • Really tasty Chicken and Steak and Pastor burritos as well
  • El Nabor
    • Located on California street
    • Huge Borritos on the cheap (Try the Chicken Fajita Borrito)
    • Taco Tuesday's $1 Tacos and Mini Mexican Beer's
  • Chino's Mexican Food
    • Bistro style take out fresh Mexican food (Similar to Baja Fresh)
    • Taco Tuesday's and beer specials sometimes.


  • Woodstock's Pizza
    • Really tasty but also really greasy
    • Beer by the pitcher
    • Small video arcade (Mrs.Packman, Pinball and maybe one more)
    • Located on Higuera Street downtown
  • Nucci's
    • Best Pizza in town (Try the Mustang)
    • Really good for lunch, Chicken Caesar Pocket is a favorite.
    • Tasty Salad's as well. Try the Raspberry or Pasta Salad's.
  • Fatte's Pizza
    • Inexpensive tasty pizza, just a step up from Dominoes.
    • All Pizza's are two for the price of one.
    • Try the White sauce, Chicken, Pineapple pizza its tasty.
    • Located on Broad Street
    • Carry out or delivery only I believe. No dining room.


  • Thai Classic
    • Authentic Thai
    • Located on Higuera Street
  • Thai Palace
    • Really nice Thai theme with fountains
    • A bit more expensive but really tasty
    • Located on Court Street
  • Thairiffic
    • Located on South Higuera Street


  • Taj Palace
    • Decently priced and tasty Indian food.
    • Located on Foothill Blvd.


  • Jaffa's
    • Really good Lamb, Beef and Chicken Gyro's
    • Amazingly delicious Hummus
    • Located on Monterrey Street