Regina, Saskatchewan

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Regina is a city that seems to have more pizza joints than people, but after one trip a year for the past decade or so I've found a few favorites.


Most pizza places in Regina serve what is known as "Regina style" pizza. Similar to a Chicago thick crust (except without cornmeal), usually cut in to squares and served with gratuitous amounts of cheese, sauce and meat. Given the nature of this pizza, it tends to turn soggy rather quickly.


  • Multiple locations, my favorite is the joint right downtown just off the corner of Victoria and Broad across from the Ramada.
  • Thick crust pizzas that don't skimp on the toppings, buy an extra large and you get the option of a free plate of their delicious boneless dry ribs. The combination of an XL Meat Lovers and Dry Ribs is enough to send me to bed for the night from meat coma, but totally worth it.

Western Pizza:

  • Multiple locations, my review is from the one across from the Ramada near Trifon's downtown.
  • Really really limp and gross crust with ingredients that tasted like they'd been improperly frozen 18 months before.
  • Western Pizza had won numerous awards in the past for their pizza. However, in recent years, new ownership has caused the entire chain to switch to lower-cost ingredients, severely reducing the overall quality.

Sparky's Pizza:

  • Located in the South End on Gordon Road (1 block east of Lewvan Drive)
  • Opened by staff from Western Pizza from before the change in ownership
  • Uses a recipe similar to the classic Western Pizza recipe, arguably one of the best in the city. Caveat: order extra sauce. Sparky's sauce is excellent, but they tend to skimp.

Copper Kettle:

  • Serves a more New York thin crust style pizza, a departure from the thick crust style pizza that is more popular in the city
  • Copper Kettle's spinach & feta pizza is high priced, but well worth it. Often rated the #1 pizza in the city.
  • Featured on the Great Canadian Food Show, hosted by Carlo Rota. Rated as one of the best in Canada.

Houston Pizza:

  • Also serves "Regina-style" pizza from its 6 locations in town
  • Featured on the same episode of the Great Canadian Food Show as the Copper Kettle
  • Signature pizza is the "All-Dressed", nicknamed the monster by locals. Features almost every topping on the menu.

The Cathedral Village Free House:

  • Located downtown on Albert Street
  • Features a wood-burning pizza oven
  • Serves a thin, crispy pizza with just a little bit of char - an excellent classic Neapolitan pizza.
  • Usually quite busy



  • Multiple locations (south albert, north albert and in the East Victoria are that I know of)
  • Tasty Beer, varying selection.
  • Excellent brewpubby Pizza's and I've heard the burgers highly recommended.



  • South Albert St.
  • Nothing extraordinary but serviceable greek fare.
  • Decent souvlaki and fries platter, but overpriced for what you get.