Paso Robles, CA

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Overlooking Paso Robles Paso Robles, CA is a common place to stop for gas on way to points more interesting around the state. Located half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the 101 Freeway. There is some mention of a wine industry, but of that i know little.

Contributors residing here:[edit]

Burgers and Fries[edit]

  • Good Ol' Burger
    • Pretty basic burger joint with a western theme.
    • Located on 24th across from the fair grounds.


  • Papi's
    • Best Torta in town. Mostly americanized mexican, but still a very consistently good meal. No alcohol license at present.
    • 13th and Pine st.
  • Los Robles Cafe
    • Best Tacos Al Pastor. Also very authentic, and few of the hosts speak english. Tacos are truly worth learning spanish for.
    • 14th and Spring
  • La Mexicana
    • Good mid-range sit down mexican. Be prepared to wait. Food gets there plenty quickly, but the check can take ages.
    • 13th Street, West of Spring
  • La Mexicana
    • Good cheep burritos.
    • Creston Rd, just past Sherwood Park
  • Tacos Tenexpa
    • Nicer sit down mexican food. Good selection of mexican beers to boot.
    • Creston Rd, just past Sherwood Park
  • Senor Sancho's
    • OH GAWD I CAN'T FIND CHILIES. At least its locally owned.
    • Creston Rd, just past Sherwood Park, 28th and Spring.
  • LoLo's
    • Nothing special, but nothing wrong with it either.
    • 4th and Spring


  • Chubby Chandler's
    • Pizza sold out of a giant hot dog. The calzone is large, unwieldy, and wonderful.
    • 13th and Rail Road
  • Timmy T's
    • "New York" style pizza.
    • 12th and Spring


  • Basil
    • Best thai in town. Only in town as well.
    • 11th, just south of the old library
    • Kind of pricey for Thai. Around $15 per plate.