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The City of Angels, Dodger Stadium and City Skyline Los Angeles,

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  • Phillipe: The Original
    • According to legend, Phillipe is the inventor of the French Dip. I really liked it here. I've had the original beef dip and the lamb dip, I think the lamb is better. Great salt pickles, too.


Italian Food[edit]

  • Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza
    • A pizzeria that was the product of a Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, and Joe Bastianich collaboration. Great food and service. I've been here twice and enjoyed myself both times. Favorite things so far: Pizza bianca with fried sage, the Finnochiona salame/fresno chiles pizza, the goat cheese/bacon/scallion pizza, squash blossom/burrata pizza, the fennel sausage pizza, the stuffed fried squash blossoms, and the cauliflower fritti. I hear the desserts are incredible, but I've never been not full after the pizzas, so I've not tried any. I hear the neighboring Osteria Mozza is also very good.


Japanese Ramen[edit]

  • Orochon Ramen
    • Best Ramen I've ever had in my life.
    • If you are near Little Tokyo don't miss this place. I ordered the Soy Sauce Ramen(#4) and my girlfriend got the Miso(#3). Both of them were incredibly delicious.
    • The service is extremely friendly and the prices are great. They've also got a nice selection of Japanese Beers.
    • If you eat special #2 on the menu in under 30 minutes you get your picture taken and put up onto the wall.
    • Special #2 is the spiciest version of their Ramen and leave's people in pain for up to 2 days after eating it.
    • http://www.orochonramen.com/


  • Daikokuya
    • Way better than Orochon. Really.
    • Daikoku Ramen is the thing to get.
      • Kotteri flavor has extra fat from stock made from back fat. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is oh so delicious.
    • Not a ramen fan? The kurobuta pork belly bowl is also to die for, almost literally.
    • Wait here is always going to be long, line tends to be shorter when the sun is up. Getting Daikokuya after 10 PM is just asking to stand around in Little Tokyo for an hour.


  • Santouka
    • Also way better than Orochon.
    • I like the salt ramen, which is salt seasoned pork bone stock. Very rich.
    • Spicy miso and shoyu ramens are also good
    • Ramen comes in 3 sizes
    • You can make it a set by adding one of four rice bowls
      • katsuobushi, radish sprouts, and scallions on rice
      • salmon roe on rice
      • pork belly on rice
      • natto on rice