Kingston, Ontario

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Kingston City Hall and Downtown Kingston Kingston is found on the Canadian side of the eastern end of Lake Ontario, where the lake runs into the St. Lawrence River and the Rideau Canal begins. The population of the city proper is about 118,000, while the population of the metropolitan area is about 152,000. Kingston is nicknamed the "Limestone City" because of the many historic buildings built from the local limestone.

Kingston's Population is made up primarily of 3rd and 4th generation Canadians of mostly European descent. However, there is a significant amount of students (approximately 10% of the city's population) that bring in a large amount of diversity to the City's downtown area.

Contributors residing here:[edit]


  • [| John's Deli]
    • Best meat in town, period. Fresh, locally sourced meat, dairy and produce, organic and fair trade products, imported foods. Conveniently located across from the Beer Store.
  • [Quattrocchi's]
    • Not a restaurant, but a wonderful resource for any cook: huge selection of spices, baking supplies, fresh produce, a deli, supplies for making wine, soap or candles, and imported foods (Mediterranean, Latin America, Indian).


Burgers and Fries[edit]

  • Ale House Canteen
  • Kingston Brewing Company
  • Fanatics
  • The Toucan




  • Pan Chancho Bakery
  • Wolfe Island Bakery


  • Chez Piggy
  • Tir Na Nog




  • Frankie Pesto's
  • Wooden Heads
    • Specializing in gourmet pizza, they pull great pies out of their woodfired ovens. Great place for out of towners and dates.


  • Asha
    • A mishmash of all the most popular (by North American standards) of Korean and Japanese cuisines (and oddly, cultures). Located in the heart of Kingston's downtown. Known for it's reasonably priced all-you-can eat 7-course meal, it unfortunately suffers from the lowest quality and smallest selection of maki in town.
  • Ta-ke Sushi

Mexican and Central/South American[edit]

Middle Eastern[edit]



  • Dong Nai