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Chair: clownshoe

Hello Folks! Welcome to ICSA XXXIX: Solanum Tuberosum.


Amazed that no one else has done this ICSA yet! Happy to host my first one with this wonderful ingredient. They're full of nutrients, delicious, inexpensive, there are many varieties, and we each eat about 70lbs of these per year in one form or another!

What is Allowed: All the normal varieties of potatoes; russet, fingerling, yukon gold, red, purple, whatever you like. I'm also going to allow sweet potatoes and yams, due to the time of year, although I almost decided against this. Potato flakes are only allowed in circumstances that you couldn't achieve what you were going for without using them.

What is Required: Between 3 and 5(max!) dishes that have potatoes as the star. As far as continuity, at least one app, and at least one dessert, leaving 1-3 alternatives (amuse, primi/secondi, salad, cocktail, multiple entrees, knock yourself out) Standard photo and text documentation of procedures and finished product. Taste test results of the dishes! I want to know what you thought, and what you'd do to change it if you did it again, or if you'd make it again at all.

What you Win! First place is an 8 herb gift set from Penzey's Spices (or equivalent gift card if you don't want it)

Second Place is $10 forum upgrade.

Don't Forget! ICSA XXXIX needs to be in the title! Take pictures of the finished product! Deadline is 01/23/10 11:59:59 PST (plenty of time becuase of the holidays) Link your thread with a post in this thread!



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