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Alternately, ICSA 16: It's Legal in Some Countries

Welcome to the next installment of Iron Chef Something Awful. As the holidays approach rapidly, our minds float towards the lavish banquets and feasts, surrounded by our family and loved ones. Our Great Tables splayed out with game birds and boar hunted by the lord of the manor, imported tropical fruits and rare tubers from the New World roasted in the hearth, all displayed on the most stunning finery.

We all come round and surround ourselves with such festive ways for one reason, and one reason alone: To get your crazy uncle drunk so he can sing all those lewd songs that enrage your mom. ICSA 16: Alcohol.

All kidding aside, this is an opportunity to explore a side of the kitchen that not everyone may not know as well. Glazes, flambés, dressings, marinades, soups, sauces, desserts, doughs, anything that needs a liquid can benefit from a healthy dose of wine, beer, or spirits. Not only does alcohol lend a kick (if uncooked), it also imparts its flavor - which can be as varied and expansive as any spice rack.

Rules of Engagement:

1) One course minimum. The more courses the better, because I'm going to be trying out all of them.

2) I realize that booze is a tad expensive, and it might be prohibitive to some regulars. Smaller, cheap bottles are readily available in most places, though. If possible, please make different courses with different alcohols. IE: no TGIF's Jack Daniels steak and Jack Daniels batter for shrimp. Try and mix it up a little.

3) If you make a specialty drink, please make sure it's not a common drink. No cosmos or long islands, mmkay? If you're curious about what's a common drink, as your friendly neighborhood bartender for his opinion.

4) Start your own thread, and label it ICSA 16: I'm not posting drunk (or something like that).

5) If you haven't participated before, check out to see the standard entry format. Ingredients, prep, and final platings all photographed and documented. APA format is not necessary.

6) January 21, 2007 is the final date for entries, and all will be judged starting at 23:59PM Eastern. In case that doesn't make sense - the voting thread will go up Sunday the 21st at midnight.

7) No drunk posting. Obviously, right?

Mission Objectives:

First Place: US$25 Amazon Gift Certificate. If the winner would like something else equitable, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

Second Place: US$10 Amazon Gift Certificate or SA upgrade. Again, exceptions are fine.

Third Place: Something cool made by me. As if that isn't incentive enough to enter!


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