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Chair: TheFace

Most of you don't know me, and I have never taken part in ICSA because I lack the most important thing involved in competition cooking... skill. However ICSA is very close to my heart for one very important reason. Everytime my friend, coworker, and fellow goon Wizzle enters into the ICSA I get to eat awesome food... FOR FREE!

Late last week Wizzle, fellow coworker/goon Cutty, and I were sitting in the office discussing different ideas of what could be done for the next ICSA and I discovered that it didn't have to involve a type of food or single ingredient. Instead it could be a method of cooking, and I decided that I wanted to sponsor the next ICSA.

ICSA 13: Hot Hot Hot Food on BBQ Action! I feel this ICSA could be very challenging but also allow for a lot of variety, because instead of having to fit a singular ingredient into every dish, you must find some way to involve BBQ in every dish.


  • There is a one course minimum. Multiple courses are accepted.
  • Entries must be posted in their own thread, Be sure to title with ICSA 13 in the subject (ICSA 13: superhappyfunbbq).
  • Standard entry format that all of these have followed. Must document ingredients, preparation, finished product, and you must have the photographic accompaniment.
  • The main ingredient for the main entree must be prepared using the BBQ, and at least one ingredient in all of the other dishes must be prepared using the BBQ.
  • All forms of grills will be allowed (Natural Gas, Charcoal, Propane, etc.), along with smokers, and rotisseries (Non-electric, attached to the grill).
  • The contest entry period is starting now and going until midnight (Pacific time) September 11th. All entries after that point will not be included. Voting will begin September 11th :911: as soon as I can post the thread. This gives four full weeks to enter.

Prizes: First place: $20 dollar gift certificate to SA or Amazon, plus the rights to call yourself Grill Master. Second place: $10 dollar gift certificate to SA or Amazon.

So... go... make me some food!


1st: Cedar Plank Salmon (and stuff) by Wizzle
2nd: Hickory smoked pulled pork and southern style cornbread by ascii genitals
3rd: Grilled Whole Snapper by Lumpy

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