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Chair: gamera009

If memory serves, July is a time when hot days inspire a hunger of epic proportions - whether it be from slaving over a grill, mowing the lawn, or playing endless hours of World of Warcraft.

To that end, one looks for the freshest of flavors, the most refreshing of experiences! Something crisp, clean, and mild - yet something full-bodied that may hold its own even when paired among stronger flavors such as cheese...

And it is there that the theme ingredient can be found: Melon.


  • One meal rule. Multiple courses are acceptable, but for obvious reasons, there is a one course minimum.
  • Entries must be posted in their own thread with the appropriate subject header. Please stick to the format "ICSA 12: insertyourcatchytitlehere" to avoid confusion.
  • Documentation of ingredients, preparation, and finished product is required, as well as photographic accompaniment.
  • The contest will end midnight, July 23rd (MST) and submissions after that time will not be considered.


  • If you are unclear of what a melon is, this is a fairly useful (albeit garish) website for a list of melon examples.
  • Whole fruit or juice is fine! However, if you are using only juice, there is a one cup minimum of pure juice. Purees and blends will be considered on a case by case basis, but there should be some common sense exercised in this regard. The melon is the focus of the dish, not a garnish.




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