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This month you'll be preparing the finest dish you can muster using those strange things on your computer that automatically log you into the SA forums. Wait, that's not right. You'll be preparing your best recipe for chewy, greasy, delicious cookies. The votes from previous rounds have shown that you all want to add a little sugar to your diet so now's your chance! Everybody knows at least one cookie recipe and there's no better time to break it out than the holidays.

...but what exactly is a cookie?

Cookies are small, flat biscuits made in a wide variety of styles and can be flavored with sugar, spice, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, nuts, or dried fruits. They're defined by their thick, oil-based batter which gives them that greasy, delicious flavor we love. They can be shaped, unshaped, cut into little shapes, or molded by hand. Bake them crisp or soft, or just stick them in the fridge!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without so many different varieties of cookies. They're easy to make, small enough that you can try a bunch of different kinds without getting sick, and universally loved. You can pack them up and send them to your relatives or just bring them along to the family Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) to share and enjoy.

Celebrate the holidays early and often with plentiful, delicious cookies. You can never have too many cookies (unless you're eating them all yourself, pig). Share them with your friends and relatives, share them with your co-workers, share them with everybody you know. Most importantly, share them with your fellow goons of Something Awful!


1st: Chocolate Chip Raspberry Ripple Icecream Sandwich Cookies by SirRobin
2nd: ULTRA FESTIVE Cookies by Customer Service
3rd: Chocolate Caramel Sandwiches by Timbit

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