Three Cheese Omelette with Chermoula

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Recipe originally submitted to GBSFood by Mola Yam, Submitted here by Lovelee


Three cheese omelette with Chermoula by Mola Yam This was made with the help of my lovely assistant and brand new goon Meche.

Yeah, I know, making an omelette when the theme is eggs isn't amazingly imaginative or complicated. But look, I don't cook with eggs very often, so it was all new to me, and this finally gave me an excuse to cook something I've wanted to try for a while. So just deal with it ok.

Chermoula apparently being a delicious coriander sauce. We'll do that first, so you don't have to worry about it while you're creating a cheesy omelette. You'll need all of this stuff (plus some more stuff listed below that somehow didn't get photographed):



  • A batch of FRESH coriander
  • A red chilli pepper (used about 3/4 of the one pictured)
  • Some garlic (a couple of cloves worth if you're using fresh garlic)
  • A small mound of sweet paprika
  • A smattering of cumin seeds
  • A bit of salt, sea salt if you have it
  • About one small lemon's worth of lemon juice
  • Enough oil on top of all of that to make it the right consistency


All of the ingredients are basically "to taste", which is why I'm sort of vague about quantities up there. Mash it all up (or blend it if you use newfangled "electro-tronic" kitchen appliances) and you're done, hooray! Now put that aside and get to work on the omelette.


Oh man I hope you like cheese.

Here's what you'll need to replicate this exactly. Damn it I left stuff out of the picture again:


  • Eggs from happy chickens (3-4 per omelette, depending on their size)
  • A red onion
  • Wait what the hell is margarine doing in that picture, I'm pretty sure we didn't use any of that
  • Olive oil (we cheaped out on this in order to increase the available funds for cheese)
  • CHEESE! We used Fetta, Provole (soft and mild like mozzerella), and Pecorino Romano (sharp and hard like parmesan).
  • A tiny bit of milk
  • Some leftover paprika, chilli and coriander from the coriander sauce

...but there's all kind of wiggle-room in this recipe - you can add the meat (or meats, knowing goons) of your choice, change the cheeses, add mushrooms, olives, whatever. This version is pretty basic really, which makes it extremely quick and easy to whip up.


Ok, next, crack the eggs and put their innards in a bowl, and add the milk plus a bit of paprika, chopped-up chilli and coriander if you like.


Beat it like that drunken bastard Andy Capp beats his wife.


Chop up the onion and offer it to your pet.


When they decline, add a little oil to your heated pan and cook up the onion until it's sort of translucent.


And then put it aside for a second.


I thought I took a picture of this step, but apparently not: crumble your fetta into a bowl, and grate your other two cheeses on top of that.

Ok, now put a bit more oil in your pan and pour enough of your egg mixture in for one omelette - thin is good in this case, since the egg will puff up as it cooks and you're about to add a crapload of cheese, too.


It looks good already! Let it cook for a minute or so. Once it starts to solidify on the bottom but is still liquid on top, use the trusty omelette trick of lifting up an edge and tilting the pan so that some of the fluid flows underneath.


Ok here we go. Once it starts to look sort of like this, add the onions, and then the cheese.


Oh god that's a lot of cheese.


Fold it over and let it cook for a little while longer, maybe on a slightly lower heat if it looks like it's getting too charred. You might need to flip it over once, too. The aim here is basically to get that wad of cheese all melted up good.


As they might say on the real Iron Chef: THE EGG BATTLE IS O-VAH! Challenger Mola Yam (and Meche) produced a total of one dish today, a delicious three cheese omelette with a scrumptious coriander sauce.



Uh, we ate these too quickly to think to take any eating action shots. Sorry.

And now it's time for Tasting and Judgement:


Mola Yam approves!