Stilton Sauce for your Steak

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I love steak a lot, who doesn't (apart from vegetarians!) but there is no way I am posting yet another "how to cook a steak my way" thread as they are too predictable. I also like my steak with just a bit of salt and pepper seasoning and not much else, but I do like a nice sauce on the side occasionally.

As tonight I was cooking steak for my dad, he demanded I serve some stilton sauce. So here's the sauce only with no mention of the steak at all

I served steak frites with a side on onion and tomato salad

This is easy to make all you need are:


  • 1 and 1/2 glasses of white wine
  • 2 tbl spoons heavy cream
  • dried pepper corns
  • butter
  • big chunk of stiltion (mine was about 200g)
  • fresh parsley



First open the stilton and slice the crusty sides off and mash it in a bowl with 25g butter


Set that to one side, then in a pan put 1 and half glasses of white wine and a couple of tablespoons of peppercorns


Reduce this so the liquid is about a tablespoon at most. An optional step here is to remove the peppercorns if your guests don't like whole peppercorns. Leave the wine reduction though. I left the peppercorns in.


Add two large tablespoons of heavy cream


Reduce this by about a half


Then stir in the stilton/butter mix we did earlier until melted then chop and stir in the parsley. Put in a sauce jug and keep warm while you cook/grill/pan fry/whatever your steaks.


Pour your sauce as required on steak and enjoy the cheesey goodness.

The actual white/cream combo and how you cook that is a good base for all kinds of sauces. You can substitute the peppercorns for shallots and use different wines, like a red wine and roquefort cheese, etc. It's a nice way to experiment with sauces for various meats and fish.