Roast Pork, Zucchini, Onion, and Provolone Sandwich

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Sandwiches. Good right? Well, I got bored with subway's variety of lunch meat, cheese and shredded lettuce so I thought I'd make something new.

So, I got a small end cut of pork loin (with all the really good dark bits still attached) and brined (soaking in water, salt and sugar) then marinaded it in rum, vietnamese chili peppers, pineapple and lime juice. Following a rub of mostly black pepper and garlic I slow roasted it for a couple of hours over charcoal.


Then using the what was left of the fire I grilled onion and zucchini. I then popped the zucchini under the broiler with some provolone cheese and you see what I got.


Following which I spread a little dijon mustard under the pork slices and put the onions and zucchini in some bread.


Followed up with some nice cold Boddintons and you've got the best sandwich I've ever had. Subway may make you lose weight but this baby eats like a meal.