A1 Burgers

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OK, figured I would make some burgers tonight and decided to share this bullshit with you fuckers. Ok? Good. Shut up.

First of all you gotta get what you're going to make this fucking burger with. For me it was:


*a pound of ground chuck and a pound of ground sirloin.
*The other shit is A1,
*Wheat buns,
*Zesty Garlic pickles,
*Mayo(which I really used Miracle whip),
*some motherfucking ruffles,
*and finally beer.


Fucking shit, my koozy is empty. Rectify that motherfucker, get a beer.



Get your meat, and a big fucking bowl.


Throw the meat in that metal fucking bowl.


Put some salt and pepper on that motherfucker. I mean I use sea salt, and I grind my fucking pepper jackholes. No fucking namby pamby shit for me, I GRIND MY OWN ALRIGHT! Pussys buy sprinkle pepper from the store, k fags, so grind your own.


Add the A1, because these are fucking A1 burgers and you kinda have to do that. Faggots.


Moosh all that shit together, use your hands you pussy, then get your hamburger press. Why do I use a hamburger press that's available from pampered chef? Well it's just for you cuntholes to have something to measure by, I figure you guys can't figure out how to wipe your ass, how will you figure out how to pat a hamburger patty out. So yeah, I'm using a hamburger press from pampered chef Also my wife might start selling this stuff so if you're interested I can maybe get you a good deal.


On the left, you will see the results of my hamburger press. It has some nifty little things that come with it that all fit together so when you're eating by yourself like I am tonight you can make a shitload of A1 burgers and store the rest. What's that you say? "Silver, if you are eating by yourself, why are there 3 A1 burgers?" answer to that in a minute.


These things stack in the freezer great like.


As for why I made three, well it's due to these fuckers, that might like a burger as well.

A1-10.JPG A1-11.JPG

Fire up you grill you retard.


While the grill is heating up, get some fixings. I just opted for red onion, but if you're into that vegetarion faggot shit like lettuce and tomatoes, you can cut up that faggot shit and throw it in there too.


Chop up some onion, don't cry you pussy.


If you're eating alone like me, then you won't use all that much, so bag that shit in a ziplock and fridge it. Also, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT KOOZY DOING EMPTY AGAIN!!!


Koozy is filled back up, and meat is out, onion is cut, it's time to grill. Bitches.


Put your patty on the grill. Yeah captain obvious, the other two pattys are still on the motherfucking plate. Why? BECAUSE THE ARE TOO SMALL TO START GRILLING NOW AND YOU WANT ALL YOUR GRILLING SHIT TO BE DONE AT THE SAME MOTHERFUCKING TIME. ASS.


Here's one of the assholes just waiting for it's burger. Can you hear him say "Is it done yet?" I can. Little fucker.


Flip the big burger, add the small burgers. FYI fucknuggets.


Get yer fixins ready because it's almost time. Damnit.


Add cheese to the big burger, flip the doggie burgers.


Put it on a bun and add the cheese. Let the doggie burgers sit for a bit so they don't burn their toungue n shit. Fucking animal abusers.


You're done eating, now give up some doggie burgers. Kasey eating hers. She can't catch shit that you throw for fucking nothing so you gotta hand it to her.


Buddy, on the other hand can catch almost anything you throw, but he's hard to photograph doing it, this is the best I got.


There you have it. A1 burgers, grill some up fags, you'll love em.

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