Vanilla Extract

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Submitted by Sam_I_Am.

I was reading about extracts, and figured it was an easy way to work vodka into the meal. :) Plus now I have almost two CUPS of great vanilla extract, getting stronger every day. (It essentially keeps forever.)

  • 4 Vanilla Beans
  • 2 C Vodka

You can get great vanilla beans mail-order. You can get great vodka on the bottom shelf of your liquor store. (Or at least vodka good enough for extracts. :))


Note that I used an old sherry bottle. Again, I don't think this actually counts as an inclusion of alcohol in the dish. :)

Split the beans to quarters or even eights. Add to the vodka and steep for a week. Shake once a day or so, to help the seeds separate.


Strain as much as you want to use. You can strain the whole bottle if you like, but it's only going to get better with time. A week should be enough to start using, though.