Tomato Tartlets!

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Submitted by Jollygrinch

Uploaded by Toast

First and foremost, here's a picture of the final product. Keep reading if you're interested in the process, if you're not, thanks for looking.



Let's get the dough out of the way first, I won't post pictures of making it since it's a pretty basic process I assume most people are familiar with.


  • 1.5 cups flour
  • 11 tablespoons cold butter
  • 0.5 teaspoons salt
  • 3oz cold milk
  • 1 egg yolk


  • Cut the butter into the flour and salt with a pastry cutter. Mix the milk and egg in with a fork until the dough begins to pull together. Form a ball with the dough and refrigerate at least 20 minutes, wrapped in plastic.
  • Many tartlet recipes call for puff pastry, I actually like this better, but if you want to make (or buy) puff, go right ahead.



  • 2.5 lbs tomatoes
  • Garlic (to taste, I use almost a whole head)
  • Fresh rosemary and basil and almost any other herb you'd like.
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • olive oil


  • First we need to get the skins off the tomatoes. Clean and core them then slice them in half. Oil a baking sheet (lined with foil for easy clean-up) and place the tomatoes sliced side down.


  • After 20ish minutes they'll look like this, and you can pluck the skins right off. I find that roasting them somehow intensifies their flavor as well.


  • Next, heat some olive oil in a pan. When it's hot, throw in your onion, garlic, fresh herbs, and just for fun I've got a shallot in there too.


  • When the onions are soft and translucent, put in the tomatoes and the juice that leaked onto the pan. Mash the ever-loving shit out of them until it looks like a chunky puree.


  • Let that simmer until almost all the water is reduced and you're left with essentially tomato paste. It'll look about like this.


  • Now, if you're not a fan of the rustic look, or are serving picky eaters or children, now is the time to run that through your food processor, or even better, an immersion blender. I personally like the rustic look, so we're leaving it.
  • Toward the end of your reduction you should be rolling out your dough and putting it in tart trays. Spoon the filling in.


  • Pop those in the oven at 425 until the edges are golden brown (20ish minutes, but watch it close).
  • It was noon when I did these, and I don't have a pet, so here's a picture of a stuffed tooth hanging out with a bottle of Knob Creek. His name is Lenin. He leads the proletariat molars in their uprising against the bourgeois incisors.


  • The tarts will look about like this when they're done.



  • Serve them however you like. Plain is fantastic, but sauteed mushrooms, sliced cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and/or fresh basil all make fantastic toppings. A garlic/balsamic vinaigrette would be good too.


Happy eating!