Tinga Poblana

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Recipe by Walumachoncha - submitted by Lumpy

Use your chipotles the way GOD, and NOT Bobby Flay, intended for them to be used. Make tinga poblana, either with pork, or tuna.


  • pork loin or shoulder, cubed or whole
  • white onion
  • some garlic cloves
  • about 3-4 links of mexican chorizo, not dry-cured spaniard chorizo.
  • 3-4 roasted tomatoes
  • 1-3 chipotle peppers, and a teaspoon of the adobo
  • salt, pepper and some oregano.
  • a little bit of vinegar


Toss the pork in a large sauce pan with hot oil to brown the outside, then cover with water or broth , add the garlic and bay leaf, and let simmer until cooked and soft. Pull the meat into strings. Drain the juice or broth, heat up the pan and add the chorizo, crumbled. Let it cook while stirring continuously, then add the chopped onion, the tomato, chipotles and rest of ingredients, then return most of the broth and let simmer until you reduce the sauce a bit. Add just a little touch of vinegar. Serve on tacos or tostadas.