Spaghetti Carbonara

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Original GBS Foods Article


Here's how I make a sort of spaghetti carbonara. I won't be giving any exact measurements as I don't actually use any myself, I just taste and smell my way through cooking.



  • Italian pancetta - any sort of ham will do, just dice it.
  • Parmesan cheese - the flavour.
  • Spaghetti - the actual food part.
  • Eggs - I don't know why these go in, but they do.
  • Italian herbs - a bit of pizazz; you can use fresh stuff if you like, but I used premixed jar herbs as they're cheap and quick.
  • Single cream - I think this would be known as "half and half" in less civilised countries.
  • White wine - no main course is acceptable without alcohol in it somewhere.



While you cook the spaghetti, put the pancetta in a pan over a medium medium-high heat.


Beat an egg.


When the pancetta is looking cooked, add in your parmesan. How much is up to your personal tastes.


When the cheese has melted somewhat, add in some of the single cream. Again how much is up to you, you may want to lower the heat under the pan so the cream doesn't spurt and bubble like a witch's brew.


Keep adding cheese and cream until you have enough sauce for your spaghetti. The ratio of cheese to cream is personal preference, it all depends on how cheesey you like your sauce.


Add a dash of white wine.


You can either drain your spaghetti and put the sauce in the pan with it, or like I have done here, taken some of the spaghetti and put it in the pan with the sauce.


Continually stirring the sauce and spaghetti, add in the egg. Keep stirring for a bit longer. Then add some of the herbs.


Serve with wine and garlic bread.