Lemon Gin Potatoes

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This one is all about me, I'm a huge fan of gin, and a huge fan of lemon. Sparkling lemonade with a huge dollop of Bombay Sapphire is just about my favorite summer drink. I decided to combine those flavours and make some devastatingly unhealthy add-ons for my salmon in the form of these potatoes.

I ran into a problem with this dish in that I forgot to buy the damned potatoes while I was at the good grocer and had to grab them from a closer market. What were billed as High Quality Yukon Golds were certainly not, and I had to throw out whole sections of some of the potatoes. They were still delicious, but the next attempt (and yours if you make them) will probably destroy them for flavour.


  • One medium to large Yukon Gold Potato per person you're serving. Their texture and flavour is ideal for this dish, if you can't get them (I have no idea what the availability is like elsewhere) get a nice roasting white or yellow potato. Stay away from redskins for this dish.
  • 1 Cup of Butter Melted (Don't use margarine please, do the dish properly and have it once in a blue moon rather than having a pale imitation more often)
  • 1/2 Cup of Nice-ish Gin (The flavour stays prominent so if you buy something skunky, you'll get a skunky taste. I used Bombay Saph)
  • 4 Freshly Juiced Lemons (Again, do it right, bottled lemon juice has it's uses, this isn't one of them)
  • Dill (optional)
  • Kosher Salt (optional)


  • Here is my potato, he's rather lumpy and stupid and when I sliced him open I found a lot of tough and crappy parts. I would have returned them, but I didn't have the time. Your potatoes will be better than him.


  • Slice the potato lengthwise into similiar sized slices. Quartering, then slicing the quarters in half works well. Keep them fresh in some water til you're ready to go so they don't brown.

Ictoastpots2.jpg Ictoastpots3.jpg

  • Juice your lemons then pour into a bowl, don't let the seeds get in. I had to use a strainer here since these lemons seemed extra seedy

Ictoastpots4.jpg Ictoastpots5.jpg

  • Add your gin and mix well, add some dill as well at this point.

Ictoastpots6.jpg Ictoastpots7.jpg

  • Arrange your potatoes like so in a baking dish,


  • Then cover first in your melted butter, then in the lemon gin mixture.

Ictoastpots9.jpg Ictoastpots10.jpg

  • Bake at 400F for about 45 mins, or until they more or less fall apart when a fork pierces them.


  • Serve and Enjoy