Kool-Aid Pickles

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Recipe by: Xana Uploaded by Drimble Wedge

...a while back one of the roommates foolishly mentioned Kool-Aid pickles.

Then last week dill pickles were buy one get one free...whatever shall I make? | Link 1 |Link 2 |Link 3

The tools[edit]

  • Bowl
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Spoon

The goods[edit]

  • 64oz jars of whole dill pickes
  • Sugar/Splenda
  • Kool-Aid packets


Step one: Unleash the pickles![edit]

Open jar and pour juice into bowl. Spill the pickles onto cutting board. Grab a knife and whack them all in half. Put them all back in the jar.


Step two: Sweeten the deal[edit]

Stir just over 1 cup of granulated sugar or equivalent Splenda into the pickle juice.


Step three: Stirring up trouble[edit]

Mix the Kool-Aid into the pickle juice. (Grape shown here)



Step four: Pour and store[edit]

Pour Kool-Aid juice into the jar. Cap and put in the fridge for one week.




While the cherry is so dramatic looking, I do so look forward to the lemonade ones...or prank pickles as I like to think of them.

They will be ready next week.

Step 5: Pucker Up![edit]

The week is up and so taking our tastebuds and stomach for a joy ride, here are the results...


From left to right:

  • Double the fun (tropical punch and cherry - sugar for one)
  • Prank pickles (lemonade- sugar)
  • Thanks a bunch (grape-sugar)
  • Bada Bing (cherry-Splenda)
  • Oh pie! (cherry-sugar)


Thanks a bunch (grape-sugar)
Smelled like grape Kool-Aid, but tasted like dill pickles though it was slightly sweet. Noticed rubber texture to pickle.
Verdict: Double the grape

Bada Bing (cherry-Splenda)
Smelled like dill pickles, but it was all cherry taste with the barest pucker of dill. Roommate swears it tasted like tropical punch.
Verdict: Good in a taste bud tripping way


Prank pickles (lemonade-sugar)
Very good, sweetish with dill coming through still, reminiscent of bread and butter pickles.
Verdict: Liked, though I really want to chuck some habanero in there to make hot, sweet and spicy dills.

Oh pie! (cherry-sugar)
Once again, sugar and Splenda are not the same. There was no cherry or dill smell! The dill taste was muted with a sweet cherry note. An oddly balanced sweetish dill was the conclusion.
Verdict: Liked it better than cherry w/ Splenda

Double the fun (tropical punch and cherry - sugar for one)
So very red, there was no green left. The whisper of dill was taken out by the one two of the tropical punch.
Verdict: The sour came through in waves, but we couldn't stop eating it

...there is now talk of canning pickles using cucumbers and red wine or a sangria variant...what have the Kool-Aid pickles started??