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Recipe by Grand Fromage Uploaded by Drimble Wedge

Welcome to kimchi jjigae version two! The best thing about kimchi jjigae is there is no wrong way to make it. Literally the only thing that would make it wrong is if you didn't use any kimchi. This is the recipe I've been developing since I moved to Ko-ree.


A typical Korean kitchen. Enhance!


Our stuff. I use sriracha because I like my jjigae nice and hot. However adding enough gochujang to make it acceptably spicy makes it taste too much like gochujang, which is a bad thing. Sriracha adds heat and the flavor blends perfectly with everything else. I also have pork, potatoes, onions, garlic, kimchi, chicken stock, and hard boiled quail eggs conveniently peeled and packaged.


I also use pork loin instead of belly. Samgyeopsal just gets too greasy for my tastes, and I like the tenderness of the loin when it's finished cooking. Stir fry this a bit to get color on it. 350 grams if you're keeping track; I don't really measure. I'm making a lot here to eat for a few days.


Two large onions, roughly cut. I like lots of onion. Fry a bit more, then add garlic. I used about nine cloves here. Sweat those.


One kilogram of kimchi.


Kimchi action shot! This kind is already cut up a bit and I cook mine for a while, so there's no need to chop it. It takes care of itself.


One liter of chicken stock which clearly did not come out of the freezer early enough. The chicken fat there will give the jjigae its fatty goodness, instead of the samgyeopsal.


Ready to simmer.


The brand of gochujang I like, if you have a selection.


Add a generous splat. Squirt in some sriracha, stir it around, then cover and let simmer for an hour and a half.


Chop up two bigass potatoes and add them. Note the color change. Raise the temperature a bit to get the taters boiled.


Right at the end, eat the eggs smush meef. Overall the jjigae has simmered about two hours when it's done, and cooking it this long develops a different flavor than the quicker one cryptoclastic posted. Try them both and see what you like.


Make rice. I like to fill the bottom half of the bowl with rice, then jjigae on top of it. The kimchi juice thus penetrates the rice and shit happens.


Ladle it on.


And kimchi has been jjigaed, my style. 찌개를 좋아해.