Herbed Stuffed Tofu With Garlic & Basil Mash

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Part of Peruvian Sky's entry in Iron Chef SA 028:Balsamic Battle


   * 2 large blocks of firm Tofu
   * Thyme
   * Basil
   * Rosemary
   * Garlic
   * 2 Brown onion
   * Dutch Cream Potatoes
   * Soy Sauce
   * Balsamic Vinegar
   * Olive Oil


Peel and dice the potatoes and get them boiling in a pot of salted water


Drain any excess water off the tofu and cut into 1.5 inch thick slices (We didn't actually use the entire 2 blocks of tofu). Quickly sear the tofu in oil and add a splash of soy sauce just before you take them out of the pan. Cut a slit in each slice of tofu to make a convenient stuffing pouch. Stuff stuffing pouch generously with thyme, rosemary, finely diced onion and garlic, and throw in the oven for about 15mins.


When the tofu is nicely roasted, splash with balsamic vinegar and sear each side in the pan to form the glaze (about 1 minute per side). Drain the potatoes after about 20mins and mash with olive oil, garlic, roughly shredded basil and onion. Create a bed of mashed potato and perch the tofu on top.