Cinnamon Candy

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Recipe by Flash Gordon Ramsay (formerly known as Demagogue) Wikified by Drimble Wedge

As promised, cinnamon candy.

Start by combining a cup or maybe more sugar with a big squirt of corn syrup (1/3 cup?) and a couple tablespoons of water. Mix it well with your finger and wash down the sides.


Put this over medium to medium high heat. Meanwhile, fill a sheet pan with powdered sugar and drag lines in with the end of a wooden spoon or maybe a finger.


Get everything else ready: Cinnamon oil, red food coloring, scissors. I used a scant teaspoon of cinnamon oil.


Take the temp of your sugar. I pulled this at about 295.


Not ready yet. So let it boil some more.


Once it hits the right temp, remove from heat and let it rest for a minute until the boiling slows down. Add some food coloring (I didn't add enough) and your cinnamon oil. Stir well.


Pour into the little troughs you made in the sugar.


When they firm up just a bit cut into pieces with scissors.


Strain out the powdered sugar and put in an airtight container.


Take any extra and pull it then cut it, trying not to burn yourself.


Two things here: I didn't use enough food coloring. Also, I waited too long to cut these so they didn't end up pillowy like I like. But they still taste great with a good bit of heat. I prefer cinnamon oil to cinnamon extract or anything like that you get in store. I ordered my cinnamon oil from the internet. Do not put your face near the pot when you pour in the cinnamon oil or you will hurt yourself.