Chocolate Mint Kisses

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Recipe by pile of Snaily Uploaded by Drimble Wedge]

I'm just about to make the holiday classic Formerly Known In Swedish As Negro Kisses:

  • 4 dl powdered sugar (1 dl ~ 0.4 cups. Or just keep the proportions.)
  • 1 dl water
  • 1/4 tsp 12% acetic acid (recalculation for white vinegar left as an exercise to the reader)
  • 10 drops oil of peppermint, or more
  • 75 g dark chocolate

Boil sugar and water until at 115-120 degrees C or, equivalently, until thread or soft ball stage. Toss in a heat safe bowl, let cool for a bit, then add oil of peppermint. This will slowly evaporate - you want to work fast if you like your peppermint candy having menthol freshness. Work the sugar paste, while it is cooling, until it is smooth, workable and fairly thick. Place it in a double boiler to keep it workable, and make 2cm drops on an oiled/parchment covered surface. Let harden, then melt chocolate, and add 1cm dot on top of each peppermint drop.