Chocolate Jelly Croissants

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Submitted by Wolf_man a.k.a Mike Miles


This is a simple dessert/snack that you can make. They are sweet and buttery, and deffinatly hit the spot when served with coffee, tea, or even ice cream.

Be sure to use your favorite flavor of jelly and chocolate (I'm using strawberry and Hersey's Symphony chocolate.

NOTE: crescents and croissants are the same thing.


  • 1 Package of Crescent rolls
  • 1/4 Your favorite Chocolate bar
  • 1/2-1 cup of Your favorite flavor of jelly
  • 2-3 cups water
  • optional: 1tsp Milk



Items you will need for cooking:

  • cookie sheet
  • 2 small pots
  • glass or ceramic bowl
  • cooling rack
  • wisk
  • spatula
  • spoon

How To Make[edit]

  • First, preheat your oven according to the directions on your crescent rolls (mine said 375 F)
  • Take your jelly and place it in a pot over low heat. Be sure to stir it every now and then.


The heat is going to "loosen up" the jelly, so that it becomes more spreadable.

  • You want to heat your jelly until it is about the consistancy of warm honey.(about 5-15 minutes depending on your stove top) and it should look like this.


  • Unroll your crescent rolls, and arrange them like so.


  • Take your jelly and spead it onto your crescent rolls.

Dough jelly.jpg

  • Roll your crescents and place onto a greased (use pam!) cookie sheet.
 -HOW TO ROLL CRESCENT ROLLS:  take the wide end, and roll towards the pointy end.


  • Place your crescents into your oven and cook according to the crescent directions (NOTE: I usually subtract 2-3 minutes from the cooking time, becuase the jelly can tend to burn)

While your crescents are in the oven we are going to make the chocolate drizzle.

  • Take a small pot and fill it about 1/4-1/3 full of water (2-3 cups), and place over high heat.
  • When the water is boiling place a ceramic or glass (prefably glass) bowl on to of the pot (NOTE: Make sure the bowl DOES NOT touch the water)
  • Take your chocolate and place it in the bowl.


We've created a double boiler, which will melt, but not burn the chocolate.Once the chocolate begins to melt, make sure to stir it.

  • When the chocolate has melted turn the heat down to medium-low. (Optional: I like to stir in a tablespoon of milk, to make it smoother)


  • Remove your crescents from the oven, and place on your cooling rack.


Dont they look Beautiful!

  • Ok, now take your chocolate, give it a good stir, and with your wisk "drizzle" the melted chocolate over the crescents.


  • Allow them to cool, and enjoy.



  • For an added touch take some slivered almonds, and place them ontop of the crescents before cooking
  • Use white & milk chocolate to make them look extra special
  • Make more then you think you'll need, becuase you'll eat more then you think you will.