Chili Lime Corn

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HoChi's Chili Lime Corn



First off you need to cook your corn at least most of the way through, you can skip this if you are careful not to burn the corn later but this way is much safer.


Me? I just soak them and toss them on the grill for 5-10 minutes rotating them regularly. You can boil them too, its doesn't matter at this point.


Yup, thats corn... Since you will be handling this corn I suggest you let it cool a bit.


Shuck those badboys.


This part gets messy, brush each piece with a 50/50 mixture of lime juice and butter and sprinkle with homemade chili powder, get it on all sides. (its orange because I do the sprinkling over the bowl, there is no need to add chili powder to the mixture, but it doesn't matter if it ends up there either.)


I baste them and sprinkle more chili powder on them as I see fit through cooking, grill at medium heat until the corn just starts to brown a little bit.

Thats all it takes, this stuff is really freaking good.