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Submitted by Eronarn

Uploaded by Toast

Howdy, partner! My dad done learned this here recipie from the injuns, and now I'm sharing it with y'all! More specifically, this is the chili half of a recipie for navajo tacos, which he learned in the Southwest, with the other part being a fried dough bowl to place the chili in.

Here we've got us some chili fixins'. Starting at the top and going clockwise: Garlic, Jalapenos, Yellow Bell, Red Bell, Finger Hot, and Jamaican. The containers are cayenne pepper powder and hot sauce. You can vary the amount that you use depending on your taste - I made an average chili because this was meant for a goonmeet, if I had wanted one for myself I would've just gone with lots of garlic (for taste) and jamaican peppers (for burning hellfire).


This is my roommate shortly after eating half of a Jamaican pepper. He regretted it in a major way.


Since I didn't soak the beans in water the day before, they need to cook for a much longer time. Here I am stirring them - not really necessary at this temp, but I like to do it just in case some are stuck on the bottom because my stove is quite flaky and often burns things.


Yes, you do need this much ground beef in proportion to the amount of beans (which is visible in a sec). I was cooking for 30+ people, to give a gauge. I would recommend using a bigger pan, it was a bitch to do that much in one batch without scattering ground beef all over the place. If you are a jerk that hates delicious things, you can use other forms of meat, like pork or chicken. If you are a vegetarian, skip this step entirely!


Onions! I love onions. These are in fairly large chunks, which is what I prefer. Some people like strips, others like them finely diced. Coincidentally, some people are Communists. You'll also want to have some on hand to chop up as a garnish - red onions, preferably.


Once the meat's browned, I add the onions in like so. No spices added yet.


Wasn't able to find tomato sauce so I just bought tomatoes to make into one. It is not difficult at all. I did this while waiting for the onions and beans to prep.


Here I am adding garlic, chili powder, and cayenne pepper powder to the meat.


Chopping up vegetables, since I was just waiting for stuff to cook:







Can you spot where I dropped my camera?!

Next, I added paprika (for color) and more chili powder (for spiciness) to the ground beef.


Here it is when thorougly mixed.


Drained the water from the beans and seperated them out into two pots - one vegetarian, one meatlicious. This will result in a thinner chili, whereas to make a thicker one I'd need to have waited and cooked about half the beans with the chili.

The small pot is vegetarian, the big one is meat. The red things are tomatoes, which will dissolve fully as it's cooked more.


Beef broth! Don't follow the label, just add it without water. Mine took five cans. If you are a vegetarian, you can use water or oil instead (or just not drain the water from the beans).


Here's how the meat chili looks:



And here's the veggie chili:



Add the beef to the chili, grease and all. After that, start to add the chopped veggies (also I added onion and garlic to the vegetarian chili at this point since it won't get any from the beef). During this time you should be tasting it every few minutes and adding spices to taste - basil, cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili powder, garlic, what have you. Also remember to add assloads of paprika for color to make it more reddish than shit brown.



This is the same thing for the vegetarian chili:



After quite a while cooking at a very low heat, this is the finished chili:


VICTORY! Leave it out for a while to cool down before refrigerating. When you reheat it later, do it on the stove or else Jesus will hate you forever. Also add new spices - fresher onion, more basil, and what have you. It'll give it a different flavor since those spices haven't been cooked in with the rest of the chili. Remember to have garnish on hand - cheese, diced onions, sour cream, jalapeno slices, and so on are all good choices.


That's about it. If you want a concrete recipie I can't give you one - just judge it by eye. Nobody got food poisoning from it, though, so I consider it a grand success. Total prep time was 2-3 hours, and it cost perhaps $20-$30 (but a lot of that was having to buy spices that I don't normally use). Enjoy!