Carne Asada

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Recipe by Walumachoncha - submitted by Lumpy

Carne Asada is like the quintessential weekend get-together meal, and it's easy.

I'm putting here the Northern-style recipe. everywhere else it is just good lean meat thinly sliced and thrown on the grill. northern style has a marinade to it.

I like lean beef that has a slight fat rind on the edge. mexican cows never develop marbling cuz it's too hot and not enough grain feed. so lean cuts are best. round makes great carne asada and it's one of the cheapest cuts you can buy. score!!

Buy it as a roast. then freeze it until its firm but not totally frozen. use a very sharp, stright edge knife and cut thin slices. like two kraft-singles-width thin.

Assemble the marinade:

  • orange juice
  • milk
  • olive oil
  • black pepper
  • salt

Three parts OJ, one part milk, half part oil, lots of pepper, enough salt to taste. shake it up, then add it to the meat to cover. let it marinade for a couple hours.

Get your grill going on high heat. charcoal grills rule 4 lyfe. once the grill is hot, put your slicesof meat and watch them closely. flip when the up side begins to show cooking. bring the slices out once done to your liking. serve with beans, grilled green oinoins, lots of salsa, tortillas and whatever else you'd like.