Bundas Kenyer

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Today's dish is easy and fast to make, doesn't require anything that you wouldn't find in an average kitchen, and you don't even need any cooking knowledge to make it.(I'm the living proof for that)

It's called "Bundás kenyér", which literally means "fur bread" or "fur coated bread" Let's just call it egg bread for future reference.

All You're Going to Need[edit]

  • 5 slices of bread
  • some oil
  • 4 eggs
  • A saucepan and other simple things like a couple forks and papertowels


Making Bundás Kenyér[edit]

Now pour just enough oil into the saucepan for it to be enough for a slice of bread to float. You might want to start heating the oil (on high) while you break up the 4 eggs into a bowl, and mix it up till it looks like this:


You might want to put some spices in there, depending on what you like (Vegeta spice mix is excellent, for all you Euro goons out there) Get the bread and 2 forks ready while the oil keeps heating up. Check if the oil's hot enough by dropping a tiny crumble of bread into it; if it floats up and starts sizzling you're good to go!

Take a slice of bread, and put it into the bowl with the eggs. Let it soak up the yellowy goodness for a second or two, and repeat with the other side (You don't want to let it soak up too much, or it'll be raw on the inside) Now that you have your oil hot and the soaked bread ready, take the 2 forks and place the bread gently into the oil


Wait a little bit, and check the side that's facing down from time to time. When it becomes a shade of light brown, you turn it and repeat the process. This is about the shade that you'll want it to be:


Once the other side of it is done too, put the bread onto a plate with a papertowel on it. By now you might've guessed that this is pretty oily business, so take a few paper towels and soak of the excess oil.

I like to put some salt on top of things after everything is finished too. I really recommend this to anyone, because it's tasty, very filling (I'm usually full after 3 slices) and pretty cheap too.

Now just grab a drink, and enjoy your Hungarian meal!


Bonus picture of the 3 legged dog taking immense interest in my egg bread. He seemed to enjoy it