Beef Fajitas

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[GBF Foods Entry]


Tonight I made pretty much the basic beef fajita meat. In this thread I'll show you how I did it, and then you can help out your fellow posters by adding your favorite beef fajita recipies and scolding me for not drinking a beer while I cooked. Ed. note: Sorry about the image sizes, but I was unable to bring them down with the software I'm limited to at work, I hope to get that fixed later


  • 1.5lbs of beef loin strip steak. Thin cut.
  • 1 Onion
  • Garlic
  • Mojo sauce
  • A knife
  • A garlic crusher


Making Some Fajitas[edit]

First off, you need to cut that fat off the steak. When you have 1.5lbs of meat you can afford to toss out the ugly cousins. Fajitafat.jpg

Once the fat has been removed, slice the steak into 1cm thick strips.


Once everything has been stripped, throw those suckers into a bowl and add the mojo.


WASH THE CUTTING BOARD! Then, slice the onion. I forgot to take pictures, so lets move on the the garlic. Peel as many garlic cloves as desired. I did four.


Once the garlic has been prepped, crush those suckers!


Now we take the crew into the kitchen! Oh, and it seems Olive Oil decided to show up for the party. The sliced onion is back on the scene for those of you who were wondering what ever happened to that subplot.


I didn't have a big skillit, so I just used a regular sized pan. Either way, heat the baby up and add the olive oil.


Once the pan is hot enough, throw that meat into the fire with a little of that mojo it has been sitting in.


Tip: After a while it is good to drain that liquid out of there. Juices come out of the steak and if you let all that sit in the pan it will start burning and smoking out your kitchen. So be sure to drain the pan every couple of minutes.

Once you have cooked that steak through, take it out the pan and put it in a fresh bowl. Now it is time to get jiggy with that onion and garlic. Throw those suckers into the pan along with a little of the juice and marinade you should have been draining. Cook until the onions become really super soft and golden.

Once the onions and garlic are smelling good, throw the meat back into the pan with a little of the juice to keep things moist. After a while some of the onion will dissolve and everything gets coated in its own sauce.

Throw everything into a bowl and enjoy!


From here you can get some tortillas and make wraps, or just eat the meat as is with a side of your choice. Tonight I am just eating the meat, yum!