A Mighty Breakfast

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Right, so I saw there weren't enough breakfast recipes aroud these here parts, so I thought I'd show you all how to cook a beast of a breakfast. This dish can be cooked at any time of day (All Day Breakfast) and will make a damn fine meal for you and/or your mates the morning after a night out. I made this at 11:00 in the evening, so I will not have all the essentials to make this a breakfast.

So, lets get on with it ..

The Mighty Breakfast


Ingredients (for 1 person):

   * 2 large eggs
   * 1 onion
   * Cheese
   * Tomato paste (puree)
   * 3 bacon rashers
   * 3 sausages
   * Shit loads of oil
   * A can of baked beans
   * Salt and pepper
   * The Garden State soundtrack CD



First, get a CD player, insert the Garden State soundtrack, put volume on medium (be a considerate neighbour) and play. This is essential to set the mood, it is suitable for all times of the day, very similar to the dish.

Skin and wash the onion, then chop finely (dont make it into an onion paste for the love of jesus). Follow up by grating thecheese, the amount is personal choice, I like cheese so I use a lot of it. While you are doing these, get Two frying pans, flat base would be useful, pour a sufficient amount of oil in each and leave to warm while you're chopping and grating. The reason I say flat base is because if its' ridged, it's harder to clean.

[Note: For my dish, I was only able to get one flat base fry pan, the other (as you may be able to tell from the pictures, with the lid on) was being used already, so I was forced to use a normal pan which had those circular ridges on the bottom.]


After this point it can get a bit rushed, so stay cool, or you'll fuck up your Mighty Breakfast.

When you've chopped and grated, put aside and open the beans. Cook the beans how you would normally do so. I personally pour can contents into a bowl, cook in microwave on full power for 1 minute, stir, and cook for another 30 seconds. Everyone cooks beans in their own way, so do whatever you do normally.


When the beans are done, your oil should be hot by then if not sooner, so keep an eye on it. When the oil is warm, pour the chopped onions into one fry pan and place the 3 sausages and 3 bacon rashers into the other.

[Note: I only had 2 bacon rashers left for mine]


Let the onions fry in the oil, stirring now and again until about 20-30% of them are starting to brown. Keep an eye on the bacon and sausages as well. The bacon cooks slightly faster than the sausages, so they require careful attention and need turning more often.

When enough of the onions are starting to brown, add 2 table spoons of tomato paste to the frying pan and stir in thoroughly.


Leave the onion/tomato paste micture to cook for a short while, no more than a minute or two, all the while keeping an eye on the bacon and sausages. Turn the sausages every now and again to get an even browning.

When thats done, add the two eggs and stir in thouroughly.


All this time you should be keeping an eye on the bacon and sausages, turning the bacon more often than the sausages as they cook faster. By this time, the sausages and bacon should be browning nice and evenly, the bacon shouldn't take that long and can be put straight onto the plate when ready. The sausages may need to stay frying longer.


When the eggs are done turn off the heat and add the grated cheese. The reason for this is so that the omlette doesn't lose too much water and become a dry turd. Add the cheese, it should melt from the heat of the mixture and mix thoroughly.


Once the cheese has melted and the omlette has an even consistency, put onto the plate along side the bacon. The sausages should be done right about this point and can follow the omlette.

Add some salt and freshly ground pepper to the omlette for flavour, maybe some mint leaves or parsley if you have some, fresh of course.

Finally get your beans, add them to the plate and voila! A cheese and onion omlette with bacon, sausages and beans!


The layout of this plate has a secret to it. Use your sausages as a barrier between the beans and the omlette, that way your omlette wont get covered in tomato sauce (which will make it look nasty) and you can eat form each separately with ease. Here's another picture of the masterpiece:


I had eaten earlier in the afternoon, and this dish murdered me, I was about ready to explode after it, but damn was it tasty!

here's a picture of my plate after I'd eaten, along with my lovely flowery tray, its so gay but I love the thing ..


Optional Additions:

Fry some chopped mushrooms along with the bacon and sausages, they are so tasty unfortunately the frying pan with the lid on it you see in some of the pictures (the one I wasn't using) was something my mum was making which used all the damn mushrooms so I was all out of those!

For breakfast purposes, maybe make some toast, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, a cup of coffee, anything you want.

Try adding stuff to your omlette, make it interesting. I would have made a tuna, cheese and onion omlette but alas, we had no tuna. Maybe add some herbs or spices, the possibilities are limitless..

Happy cooking goons!

Thanks to ImageShack for their great hosting.

Siren.gifSiren.gifDo not make this dish if:

   * You suffer from heart problems
   * You are allergic to any of the ingredients
   * It is against your religion/beliefs to eat any of the ingredients
   * You are obese and/or a butter troll
   * You are going out within 24 hours after consumption
   * You are trying to impress a girl
   * You aren't hungry

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