"Veggie" Fried Rice

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Submitted by AlwaysaNewName Uploaded by Jiran

I was bored earlier today so I decided to make something original with the little food I had around me. The pictures are from about 1am CST April 12th.


  • 1 ½ cups brown rice
  • 3 cups water
  • Vegetables
  • Oil
  • 4 – Eggs (jumbo)
  • Asian sauce (Kung Pao is what I used)
  • Meat Optional
  • Lea and Perins Worcestershire Sauce


  • A pot that can handle 1 ½ cups rice/ 3 cups water with added vegetables
  • A skillet/frying pan. (bigger than the one I used, probably 12in diameter)
  • Spatula
  • Big spoon with holes in it

Everything above shown:



First we start out by adding the water and rice into the pot:


Get the water heated up, about 2-3 minutes I have the pot on about medium-medium/high heat. Then add the vegetables (I ran out of the basic mixed vegies so I substitued with carrot/broc):


After the water is boiling for around 10-12 minutes we need to get the frying pan heated up with oil. I use about double the amount of oil I need to coat the pan, actually probably a little more. (it helps later on):


Now we add the eggs, this all depends on how much egg you prefer, for a moderate amount of egg I put 4 into the oil and let them start cooking up:


Now scramble the eggs, I added some Lea and Perrins here to give them a little kick

I'm an idiot forgot to take a picture here.

Around now the veggie/rice mixture should be pretty much done and ready:


Add the Rice/veggie mix to the scrambled eggs:


Now add the Asian sauce of your choosing, I chose Kung Pao, why you ask? Because thats all I had in the house.:


Mix the sauce into the rice/veggie/eggs.:


Now some of you might get to this point and be like hey AlwaysaNewName, wtf is your problem you lying son of a b**ch, this isn't fried rice. Well that is whats going on now, The extra oil you've had in the pan gives you a nice coat for a non-stick delight. I turn up the heat to high, and pat down the rice and smooth out the top and let it fry for a few minutes flip over somewhat and fry again. In the end you end up with a mighty tasty past midnight dinner:


Hope everyone enjoys.