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To cook things in a small amount of fat slowly without browning.


To saute something, you need need a pan, a few tablespoons of fat, and a medium burner.


  • Add your fat to the pan, and turn the burner to medium.
  • When the oil appears to be significantly less viscous than what's in the bottle, add the items you need to cook to the pan.
  • Keep them moving enough so they won't brown.
  • Cooking time varies considerably depending on ingredient, size, cut and purpose. When it's cooked to your liking, remove from the pan.


Sweating is exactly like sauteing, except you're trying to heat the food through without browning it. If you've ever seen an instruction in a recipe to cook onions until they were translucent, or cook garlic until it was fragrant but not browned, this is what they wanted you to do.