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Chair: Fritz

It's June, which means it's time for the next round of Iron Chef Something Awful.

Everybody loves mushrooms. Let's have a friendly mushroom battle!


  • Let's stick to the one meal rule, but feel free to have as many or as few courses as you can stand. Personally, I suggest at least one course.
  • Entries get their own thread and also a post in this one.
  • Everything should be fully documented from start to finish, including photos. Photos should reflect each step in the process, and should include pictures of the complete product for each course submitted.
  • This contest ends with the season, i.e. one minute after 23:59 (Eastern) Wednesday, June 21st.

WHAT COUNTS AS A MUSHROOM? If a reasonable diner would consider it a mushroom, it's a mushroom. (button, oyster, shiitake, mastutake, morels, goombas, truffles, chicken of the woods, boletus, wood ear, enoki, et cetera). Huitlacoche's not a mushroom, save it for Battle Corn. (nobody would vote for it anyway :smith: )



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